Mobile Property Search

Mobile Property Search

Hi Everyone,

When people first start their home search, there are many ways that they can find homes. The most commonly used way these days is, of course, the internet. Other times, clients will be driving around and realize that they are in a neighborhood that they like. They pull up their phone and use a phone app to see if there are any homes for sale near them. This concept is wonderful except when their app pulls up homes that have already been sold or aren’t on the market. We have a solution…

Start by going to this link from your mobile device. You will be directed to our mobile web page:

From there you can click on “Home Search”

(Make sure that location services are enabled on your phone)

From there you will get a full updated list of what is for sale within your radius.

The difference between the app that you already have and this mobile search is that our website is linked directly to the MLS. This ensures that you won’t have any false leads on homes! It is a great tool and we encourage you to give it a try.

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