Conor’s Curb Appeal

Conor’s Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Urban Dictionary - The aesthetic charm of a house when first seen from the road; a home-improvement television program first aired on Home & Garden Television

Seen the show? Neither have we. We are too busy watching House Hunters and Million Dollar Listing. Just hearing the name though, it seems like a promising theme to a show. Who doesn’t like to see before and after shots of something unsightly turned gorgeous?

Let’s look at something that hits close to home. Conor’s home, in fact. He has owned in Pleasant Hill for about three years. All up until a few months ago, his home did not have what we like to call “curb appeal”.

Though the white picket fence was, and still is cute, it was hard to notice its charm next to the overgrown weeds in his should-be front lawn. And off to work they went…

Now he has a front lawn. Doesn’t it look nice? Just goes to show that a little bit of landscaping goes a long way. What took ya so long, Conor?

Maybe if you compliment his new curb appeal, he will invite you to enjoy a bud light with him in his backyard, overlooking his lawn…which used to be a pool. More on that later.

Have any good before and after pictures before us? It doesn’t have to be about homes either, we are easily amused.

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