California’s Water Crisis And What You Can Do To Help

California’s Water Crisis And What You Can Do To Help

It has recently come to our attention that as a state in a drought, we’ve actually consumed MORE water this year! Granted, it’s mainly happening in Southern California, but there is still more we can do to reduce our water usage. We found an infographic that gives insight into what we can do to help.

All the information is above, but in summary, it looks like we could all cut back on watering our yards and we can reduce our shower time. If you are considering upgrading any appliances, now might be the time to do it. You can save money and California’s water supply with low-flow toilets, faucet aerators, and low-flow showerheads.

It’s going to be mandatory in less than three years, so why not start now? Not to mention more eco-friendly washers/dryers and dishwashers might be another good thing to buy now. It may be tempting to buy something used because of the upfront cost, but in the long run, you will save a good chunk of money on your monthly water and electric bill.

You may think that you are only one family and that your water consumption won’t make a difference, but every little bit counts. Here’s another (humorous) infographic to show that a little bit can go a long way. We understand if you don’t want to leave it mellow if it’s yellow, but we are sure that you can find something that you can reduce to help our state get through this drought.


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